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UIM and Bund Holding announce major new partnership

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UIM President Dr Raffaele Chiulli
UIM President Dr Raffaele Chiulli

The Union International Motonautique (UIM) – the international governing body for all powerboat racing – has announced a major new partnership agreement with China’s BUND Holding Group.


The partnership, agreed between UIM President Dr Raffaele Chiulli and BUND Holding Group President Mr Xin Chongjie, will commence with the group’s sponsorship of next month’s (March 2017) UIM Awards Giving Gala and maintains BUND Holding’s ongoing involvement and commitment to the world of international powerboat racing.

“On behalf of the UIM, I am honoured and delighted to enter in to this new partnership agreement with BUND Holding Group,” said Dr Chiulli.

“The group has been a key supporter of powerboat activities, most notably the Aquabike Class Pro World Championship and the Nations Cup World Series Grand Prix of Shanghai.

“That successful support has helped boost powerboat racing in one of the world’s most dynamic markets meaning an ongoing partnership between the UIM and BUND Holding can only be of benefit to the sport both on and off the water.”

A major operating group with interests in a diverse range of products and services ranging from financial services and real estate to industrial investment and sports event operations, BUND Holding enters into the partnership following a highly successful powerboating year.

In 2016, the group established itself as a local organiser of UIM Aquabike and Nations Cup events in China – occasions that were acclaimed as the two sports’ first ‘carbon neutral’ events to be staged in the People’s Republic.

“Following the success of the two events in China, I am pleased to enter into this exciting new partnership with our colleagues at the UIM,” said BUND Holding Group President Mr Xin Chongjie.

“Powerboat racing is a unique and dynamic sport which offers us great opportunities and a strong platform to develop our social and public involvement - I look forward to growing our partnership in the years to come.”

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