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METSTRADE 2016: Torqeedo unveils its Cruise engine series

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Torqeedo, market leader in the fast growing electric outboard motor industry, unveils two new generations of its Cruise engine range: the Cruise 2.0FP and the Cruise 4.0FP.


With the FP (Fixed Pod) models being mounted below water, users are able to save valuable space on their vessel, whilst achieving powerful thrust equivalent to a 5HP or 8HP petrol engine. Torqeedo’s Cruise engines have the highest efficiency levels on the electric outboard market achieving 56 percent maximum overall efficiency. With top speeds of six knots (11km/h), both models provide the power for sailboats up to four tonnes.

The Cruise 2.0FP and 4.0FP weigh only 9kg each, but still provide impressive performance and features such as an integrated on-board computer, 1300 RPM and much more. Built with a robust yet lightweight casing, the engines are suited for use in the harshest environments.

Alongside these innovative engines, Torqeedo has released a new travel battery for the Cruise series, the Power 26-104 battery. Designed to communicate with its on-board computer, the new battery provides exact values of remaining range and capacity, allowing for worry-free navigation. As a lithium battery, the new Power 26-104 offers far greater performance than conventional lead batteries and as a result, the user can benefit from reduced strain on the boat, allowing greater range and power.

These products are available to order now, but due to high demand, delivery is likely to be completed during June.

Torqeedo’s environmentally friendly engines achieve the same power as a petrol outboard without the risk of leaking fuel and emissions.

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