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Officina Italiana Design

Officina Italiana Design made the decision to join Nautica Italiana

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25/12/2017 - 09:29

Officina Italiana Design has made the decision to join NAUTICA ITALIANA, the Altagamma-affiliated representative association for Italy’s world-renowned nautical construction and service sector of excellence. In something of a departure, Nautica Italiana recently decided to open up membership to design studios working on an international level which had not previously been invited to join a sector association.

“We signed up for the NAUTICA ITALIANA very enthusiastically indeed because we greatly appreciate the world the Association has done in recent years to really legitimise the nautical industry here and elevate it to the status of one of the Made in Italy sectors of excellence,” said Officina Italiana Design founders Sergio Beretta and Mauro Micheli. “We are convinced that taking membership is the right thing to do to help nautical design emerge and shake off its predominantly niche, sector-based connotations. Belonging to an association that works towards specific shared goals will certainly mean that yacht design studios will be considered the equal of all other kinds of design studios. Our goal - and our hope - is to instigate greater recognisability between the members, and form a network that facilitates and unites the profession. We believe in teamwork: that everyone sitting down and working around the same table will create great synergies to grow the sector.”

Italiana Design attended its first Nautica Italiana Annual General Meeting on December 15 which provided a welcome opportunity to take stock together of goals for the future and the Association’s plans.

Officina Italiana Design has greeted NAUTICA ITALIANA’s latest ambition to involve Italy’s leading design studios and high-profile designers, with huge enthusiasm. Beretta and Micheli feel this is vital to relaunching both the nautical industry (with its business, services and geographical areas) and Italian nautical tourism. This in turn will inject new life into the sector as a whole by highlighting the value of nautical products, one of the finest expressions of Italy’s signature excellence and creativity.

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