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Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design is delighted to present MM725

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75 Flybridge exterior
75 Flybridge exterior

At 72.5 m in length and with a sloop rig, her design is not only an impressive feat of engineering, but also cleverly disguises a desirable flybridge deck in what remains a sleek and elegant line.


Key to the design was ensuring that the saloon benefitted from enough natural light. This was achieved by positioning the flybridge further aft than is typical and extending it over the cockpit, allowing for a curved sweep of glass in the forward section of the superstructure and the necessary influx of light to the saloon.

Most notable of MM725’s design are her fold-down bulwarks on either side of the cockpit – creating extended balconies and a completely open arrangement that transforms the yacht’s use when at anchor. The bulwarks of the swim platform fold down in a similar fashion, increasing the size of the beach club, which can be accessed directly from the owner’s suite. The owner’s accommodation also benefits from floor-to-ceiling glass in the hull sides.

75 Flybridge interior
75 Flybridge interior

On deck, MM725’s 8.5m tender well converts to a large foredeck exercise pool, integrated with a recessed seating area, and optional shading is provided by a Bedouin canopy.

Other innovations include her sail handling, which sees the downwind sails stored on a self-stowing reel below deck, and the sailing performance of this cruising sloop has been maximised by the incorporation of a lifting keel and a square top mainsail.

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