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Valencia on board: More than 15,000 visitors at the Valencia Boat Show

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Valencia Boat Show
Valencia Boat Show

The Valencia Boat Show drew to a close yesterday, with more than 15,000 visitors coming to the Marina Real Carlos I over the seven day-long exhibition, which has seen a change in date, concept and location. Visitors enjoyed the chance to see all the latest developments in sailing and motor boats from the leading international boat builders, as well as engines, accessories, services and nautical clothing.


Joint with the Escola Municipal de Vela, the Valencia Boat Show treated more than 300 visitors to a number of sailing and water sports activities over the weekend, including free sailing sessions. Around 900 school children also enjoyed their first sailing experience in the marina at the boat show during the week.

Valencia Boat Show’s expansion plan
Thanks to the boat show’s great success this week, the organisers and Consorcio Valencia 2007 have already confirmed next year’s Valencia Boat Show, this time with more exhibition space. “All our concerns about changing the location, date and format have gone”, said Vicent Llorens, CEO of the Consorcio Valencia 2007, during his visit to the Valencia Boat Show. The head of the Valencia Marina also announced the show’s expansion plan. “It’s becoming a key date on the sailing calendar at the Marina”, said Llorens, who stressed that “sailing is an economic activity, which generates jobs, creates and maintains companies, contributes to the city’s stance and generates tourism supply and demand. I think the boat show is an essential piece of the Marina itself and of Valencia”, he concluded.

“Exceeding our expectations”
Fernando Jiménez, director of the Valencia Boat Show, was pleased with the outcome of the boat show and the change of concept. “It has exceeded our expectations, not only in terms of the number of visitors but because the visitors were real sailing enthusiasts who knew the terminology and the products”, he claimed.

“The feedback we got on the new boats exhibited on the water is wonderful. Although we’re still making sales transactions until next week, we have already closed some deals at the boat show and started a few, so we’ll know the final results in the next two weeks. As for the boats exhibited on the shore, I know that one exhibitor in particular has already sold five boats and 80% of the exhibitors selling accessories have made sales transactions, something that is not as easy as it seems”, noted Jiménez.

“After all the work and responsibility involved in changing the date, the location and concept of the boat show, I’m happy with the outcome. Everything we've learnt over the boat show's last 8 years has enabled us to be where we are now. Plus the boat show is becoming bigger and better. Tomorrow we’ll start working on next year’s show”, concluded the director.
With free entry over the weekend, the aim was to bring sailing and water sports to the public, especially kids “because they are the future”.

Clipper Marine to open new office in Valencia
Clipper Marine, official distributor of Bavaria Yachts in Spain and the UK, announced at the Valencia Boat Show earlier this week their expansion plan to open a new office in Valencia in the coming weeks. In September, Clipper Marine was appointed as Bavaria’s exclusive Spanish importer, and are delighted to report the sale of the first ten boats in Spain. Their target of 35 new Bavaria boats in the first year has been boosted following the success of the Valencia Boat Show and the recent Barcelona Boat Show.

The new office in Valencia will feature a permanent collection of both new and used Bavaria yachts, also offering customers an exclusive exchange service, allowing them to exchange used yachts for a new Bavaria sailboat, motorboat or catamaran. The old boat being exchanged can be sold by Clipper Marine in the UK where the company sells over 450 boats each year.

During Clipper’s expansion announcement, Sales Director Matthew Attree said "we are delighted to see so many good customers here at the Valencia Boat Show and to be helping new and existing owners purchase their next Bavaria. Given the quality of visits we’ve had so far, it’s clear that there is a lot of potential in Valencia for sales and we are looking forward to adding this new office in Spain to our network”.
Luca Meffle, head of business development for Bavaria Yachtbau, Marian Scheer, regional sales director of Bavaria Yachtbau, and another director of Clipper Marine, Richard Hewett joined Matthew Attree for the announcement on Tuesday.

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