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The Venice Boat Show presented in Düsseldorf at the 50th boot

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The Venice Boat Show presented at the boot Düsseldorf
The Venice Boat Show presented at the boot Düsseldorf

Mr. Brugnaro states: “Together we will celebrate a gathering of seafarers.” The Venice Boat Show (Salone Nautico di Venezia), to be held in the Arsenal from 18 to 23 June 2019, was presented this morning to the international press in the press centre of boot in Düsseldorf, the yachting industry’s major international showcase, that this year celebrates its 50th anniversary edition. “I would like to thank the organisers of the Düsseldorf trade fair for appreciating the idea of presenting our Boat Show together.” – commented the Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro. “Venice, the Veneto Region and Germany are bound by historical relationships that we want to rediscover, to reveal the intimate connection that we all have with the sea.


The Venice Boat Show is a major event that involves the entire city and the Veneto Region - with the Regional President Luca Zaia at the forefront - and it calls out to all seafarers: indeed it will not simply showcase international nautical art, in line with the spirit of the Biennale, but most of all it will be an open space for families and children to come together. We have purposely included in the logo of the boat show the lion that symbolises the Most Serene Republic of Venice and the V of Venice: if St. Mark’s square was the political heart of Venice and Rialto its trading centre, the Arsenal was not only its military garrison and sea gateway to the city, it also represented the westernmost hub of our culture and Europe’s culture.

This is where the ships were built for the historical battle of Lepanto.” Brugnaro continued stating: “We would like to invite everyone to sail to Venice in their yachts and bring their families with them. In the future it will be great to be able to say that you took part in its first edition. We plan to develop the Show over three years because we think that coming to Venice is convenient not only for dealers but especially for those whose vessels are already in the Upper Adriatic.

Together we will celebrate this gathering of seafarers. As a final statement, the Mayor declared: “For the reasons stated, the City has decided to finance the initiative and to support all those who will come and present their boats and projects in Venice, thus bringing together production, art and the liveliness of a city that has been a hub in the Adriatic Sea and in the Mediterranean. An ancient proverb says that those who touch the sea, touch the world”. The press conference saw the participation of: Petros Michelidakis, Director of boot Düsseldorf, Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group, Galliano Di Marco, GM of VTP, Stefano Costantini of Marina Santelena and Alberto Sonino of Venezia Certosa Marina.

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