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56th Genoa Boat Show: Yamaha presented the new F2.5

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Yamaha F2.5
Yamaha F2.5

The Genoa Boat Show was the occasion for Yamaha to introduce the new stylish F2.5, with lower emissions, performance and even more features, as well as to introduce the new look of the incredible F350.


Since its launch, the F350 has consistently exceeded customer expectations and is the top of the line engine Yamaha 4-stroke range. To celebrate the success of the F350A, true flag of the full range, Yamaha has designed an exclusive new look: a stylish new look and design of the hull. The big V clearly identifies the powerful configuration of the 5.3 liter V8, while the flat size graphic adorns one of the most important and admired engine characteristics: the remarkable linearity of its torque curve.

Turning to the F2.5 model, the refined look is not its only note of credit. Several design improvements were introduced making this handset model more environmentally friendly and more intuitive than ever. First, refining the design of piston, cylinder, cylinder head and the intake manifold, the engine combustion efficiency and fuel economy have been, ensuring better performance and lower exhaust emissions, in addition to greatly reduced noise and vibrations. The other advantages of this new engine are immediately clear. The new F2.5 model is improved in terms of manoeuvrability and ease of transport. The new design allows the storage in 3 positions without the risk of oil spills.

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