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Para Championship trio announces boat supply to all athletes

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Para Championship trio announces boat supply to all athletes
Para Championship trio announces boat supply to all athletes

July kicks off a thrilling trio of Para Championships with - for the first time - all boats supplied to the athletes, making it so much easier for the sailors to compete.
The RS Venture SCS Para Worlds in Travemünde on 24-26 July, 2.4mr Gold Cup Para World Championship in Warnemünde on 25-29 September, and the Hansa Worlds in Palermo on 2-9 October, will all be able provide chartered boats to sailors competing.


"Sailing is one big global family, and in these unprecedented times our Para Championship organisers have all come forward to support our community," said Massimo Dighe, Paralympic sailor and Para World Sailing Manager in World Sailing.

"Providing the boats for our Championship races is the ideal solution during the pandemic, when our athletes are having to make many decisions - including financial ones - before competing, our thanks goes to all the organisers"

In addition to today's news, a Para Development Programme clinic will run before the Hansa Worlds with coaching support continuing during the event. This will provide valuable support to sailors from new and emerging nations.

A fourth event - the Inclusion World Championship for Sailing in Hamburg on 25-29 August - will also be guaranteeing boats with all entries.

Supported by World Sailing and the German Sailing Association, the Norddeutscher Regatta Vereinone (NRV) - one of the oldest and largest yacht clubs in Germany - will host this Championship for the second time on the Alster Lake in the centre of the city.

"These are exciting times for sailing - our Para World Strategy 2020-2023, led by Massimo, is clearly making an impact in our community," commented World Sailing Chief Executive Officer, David Graham.

"World Sailing is dependent on a huge volunteer body across the globe. Our Para Sailing Committee, led by Betsy Alison (US's Rolex Sailor of the Year five times), is extremely active with clear goals around participation and gender equality. It is brilliant to watch their strategy unfold and the sport is indebted to all the committee members. This latest boost from our Championship organisers demonstrates the massive will to deliver this plan," concluded Graham.

World Sailing's Para World Strategy 2020-2023 was launched at the 2019 Annual Conference in Bermuda and outlines four key goals to grow para sailing.

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