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World Sailing, zero tolerance for abuse and harassment in sport

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 Quanhai Li
Quanhai Li

Sailors have the right to a positive and enjoyable experience of the sport in a safe environment, free of fear of abuse and harassment.

World Sailing is committed to safeguarding and ensuring the well-being of individuals within the sport.

World Sailing has reached out to support Sofia Bekatorou, two-time Olympic medallist and a member of World Sailing's Athletes' Commission, following her brave decision to come forward about the alleged sexual abuse she experienced as an athlete. 

Jo Aleh, Chair of World Sailing's Athletes' Commission and World Sailing Board Member, commented, "Sofia showed tremendous bravery in coming forwards and speaking out publicly. This is a difficult time for her and she has the full support of the World Sailing community.

"Sofia is a tremendous competitor, renowned for her passion and commitment to the sport. She has led the way on the water and now off it. I hope her bravery can inspire others that have been wronged to come forwards and that those who have committed such crimes are held accountable."


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