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Inside the 2020-23 Para World Sailing Strategy Goal 2, 2nd part

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Inside the 2020 - 2023 Para World Sailing Strategy - Goal #2 - Part 2
Inside the 2020 - 2023 Para World Sailing Strategy - Goal #2 - Part 2

World Sailing has established a 2020 - 2023 Para World Sailing Strategy that outlines goals, priorities and tactics for the discipline.
The goals include:
#1 - Increase Worldwide Participation to 45 nations on 5 continents by the end of 2023
#2 - Expand Competition
#3 - Effective marketing and communications
#4 - Governance and rules


Click here for 2020 - 2023 Para World Sailing Strategy:[25726].pdf

Throughout December, World Sailing is providing insight on the four goals. Further information are available here:

Goal #2 is focused on:
- Growing the number of nations participating in Para sailing and inclusive regattas at all levels;
- Growing the number and quality of Para sailing and inclusive events at an international, regional and national level;
- Expanding the competition programme at all levels to provide for all types and severity of disability and to encourage greater youth and female participation;
- Identify ways to reduce the cost of competing at Para sailing events internationally, regionally and locally.

To further expand the competition offering for Para sailors, a proposal for continental qualification will be developed. This will look to enable developing nations with limited Para sailing budgets to be able to qualify athletes for future Combined Para World Sailing Championships. Continental qualification events would ensure there is a clearer pathway to the Championships and enable higher levels of participation globally.

The Para World Sailing Rankings will continue to be maintained for the One-Person and Two-Person Keelboat disciplines that are currently ranked. The World Rankings for Para will also expand with the creation of lists for all Para and inclusive sailing events. Furthermore, the Match Race Rankings will look to incorporate Blind Match Racers with filtering available.

The final tactic to be used to expand the competition is focused on equipment and affordability.

The Equipment for the Para World sailing Championships will be confirmed at least two years prior to the event with The Hague 2022 equipment to be confirmed by November 2020. World Sailing will look to reduce the cost of competition by selecting equipment that has a low purchase price or is affordable to charter, is distributed worldwide and readily available and can also be shared.

Finally, World Sailing Championships will also be permitted to hosting exhibition events for new or existing classes and disciplines. Events such as seated kiteboarding, multihulls and deaf sailing will now have the opportunity to be included within World Sailing events.

Further insight into goal #3, "Effective marketing and communications" will be available on 30 December and will bring the series to a close.

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