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Federica Brignone is the new Ambassador for One Ocean Foundation

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Federica Brignone Ambassador di One Ocean Foundation ph. Giuseppe La Spada©
Federica Brignone Ambassador di One Ocean Foundation ph. Giuseppe La Spada©

Besides being a great ski champion, Federica Brignone loves nature and a fundamental element for the planet Earth and the human being is very important to her: water. Our planet is called “blue planet” thanks to its seas and its oceans.
After an exceptional start of the competitive season, Federica continues in her commitment, started in 2017, for the environmental sustainability project “Traiettorie Liquide” that aims to raise public awareness of marine pollution.


Her mission is in strong synergy with what One Ocean Foundation promotes and supports.
From this shared purpose Federica’s decision to sign the Charta Smeralda was born, the behavioural ethical code that everyone is invited to sign online, as well as to welcome the invitation to join the One Ocean Ambassadors, including sailors Paul Cayard, Mauro Pelaschier and Max Sirena (Luna Rossa skipper), freediver Davide Carrera and explorer Alex Bellini, who has recently launched his new project 10 Rivers 1 Ocean.
“We welcome Federica - states Riccardo Bonadeo, vice president of One Ocean Foundation - whom we thank for her efforts to protect the sea, a battle that affects us all. I am particularly pleased that Cortina is the theatre of this presentation because I had a competitive track record in skiing and I am still very much tied to this place, which will host the next World Championship in 2021.”

One Ocean Foundation

Presented in Milan on 1st March 2018, it is an Italian initiative of international importance for the protection of the ocean. The Foundation is presided over by Princess Zahra Aga Khan and stems from an idea of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (YCCS), which is directly interested in the conservation of the marine environment. One Ocean Foundation aims to raise awareness on the most critical aspects that endanger the ocean by spreading culture and knowledge of the seas and the Blue economy. The foundation has developed a code of ethics, the Charta Smeralda, which defines in 10 points principles and actions that everyone can put into practice to protect our seas.

“Traiettorie Liquide”
It is a social project of environmental responsibility that aims to raise public awareness of marine pollution by emphasizing the sustainability and value of water as a limited and not infinite resource, to arouse a new awareness, an invitation to change mentality.
The idea was born from the meeting - promoted by manager Giulia Mancini - the harmony and alignment of thought with photographer Giuseppe La Spada, one of the most interesting and original visual artists on the international scene that for some years has carried out an artistic research on the theme water.
“Like all great champions, Federica has felt the duty and the pleasure of making her time and image available to the social project. A Nielsen survey of April 2018 showed that her popularity index, at 74%, is much higher than the average of female sports champions.
Thanks to her results in the races and her commitment off the slopes, the index of her reputation has increased from 43% in 2017 to 49% in 2018, as well as the sympathy from 52% to 79%.” states Giulia Mancini.

First “trajectory” phase
For the first phase of the project, in the summer of 2017 Federica dived in the Sicilian waters of Lipari dressed and equipped with race clothing (skis, helmet, boots and sticks) to tell us, through the beautiful and evocative photos of Giuseppe La Spada, her commitment and her bond with the sea.

Second “trajectory” phase
In 2018 Federica dived back into the water to document us, through the even more striking images of the previous ones, realized by Giuseppe La Spada, how the pollution due to the presence of plastic in the seas is putting the life of marine flora and fauna in serious danger and, as a consequence, also that of all of us. The photos aim to convey the great sense of claustrophobia and suffocation felt by Federica who has identified with the inhabitants of the sea.
“As happened last summer in Lipari, I willingly put myself at the disposal of the project again this year to dive in the water with my competition clothing and equipment to tell you, through Giuseppe’s photos, the terrible feeling of being surrounded and suffocated by plastic with enormous difficulties of movement. Unfortunately this is what fish, turtles and the other inhabitants of our seas are experiencing... We have to commit ourselves to stop this terrible catastrophe.” says Federica.
Giuseppe also states: “Although the plastic problem is mediatically under everyone's eyes, there does not seem to be a plausible solution. Waste is everywhere in visible and invisible forms, plastic is found from fish to sea salt; it is now within us. We must change behaviours and become aware of the management of a problem that is no longer negligible. With this second series of images we aim to reinforce the concept conveyed last year with even more expressive images, with a Federica in an unexpected role, in search of the real escape route.”

The mascot of the project
Next to Federica came Blue, the dolphin who will be alongside her to communicate the message to all children and their families.
“I am happy that this year there will also be BLUE by my side. She will help me to tell children and raise awareness on how to respect nature and the sea.” tells Federica “Thanks to Giuseppe La Spada and all the professionals and companies that joined me to help convey this important and urgent message.”
Blue will accompany Federica on her gloves and helmet in the competitions of the 2018/2019 season.

How Blue was born, Gruppo Alcuni, the Company that has created and designed the mascot.
Francesco and Sergio Manfio declare: “It is with great pleasure that we have accepted the proposal to create a character to be a mascot for the project “Traiettorie Liquide”. Initially we had considered using one of the six Mini Cuccioli, a series on air with extraordinary success in Italy on Rai Yoyo but also in the world. Then, together with Federica, we decided to create a completely new character: THE DOLPHIN BLUE. For us it is basically a seventh Cucciolo - who joins Olly, Diva, Pio, Cilindro, Portatile and Senzanome - who wants to help children and their parents understand the great danger we can all run if we do not stop the pollution in the seas. And as the good tree Matusalemme, great friend and wise advisor to the Mini Cuccioli, would say: if we get together we can do it!”
Grani & Partners, Company of Giochi Preziosi Group, stands by and supports Federica’s project by producing and distributing the Dolphin Blue as stuffed animal made with eco-sustainable materials.

The board game “Traiettorie Liquide”
The idea was born to develop and spread this project in a fun way: to create a board game for the whole family, an educational game that provides curious and entertaining information with a good level of challenge and a simple but compelling game mechanism.
The game includes a dashboard with the planisphere and all the oceans and seas with their main sea currents. Each team of players will lead an ecological ship, whose task is to collect the plastic waste in the water. In turn, each team will respond to multiple-choice quizzes (for example, who knows how long it takes for a plastic bottle to dissolve completely in water? A) 30 years, b) 500 years, c) 1000 years (the correct answer is B, 500 years). Based on the correct answers they can proceed and collect tokens that could turn out to be floating plastic waste or other bonuses. A counter will regulate each game: when the time ends, the team that has collected the most plastic waste wins. In addition in the box there will be a large poster of Federica, some photos of Traiettorie Liquide and an infographic on water and pollution. The poster is very important because it is hung and enters children’s rooms, with important messages related to recycling and plastic in the seas, and will have Federica as a populariser: she will be in the graphics of the poster to explain sea balance and the importance of water!

The game was developed by Raptorstudio, a creative agency specialized in publishing, communication and board games, which has often ventured into special projects, such as the game on the mountain “Sfida agli 8000” developed for the Italian climber Marco Confortola. The game will be produced and distributed by Grani & Partners. 

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