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WamBlee at the METSTRADE 2016 with its W810 Iridum radiobuoy

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WamBlee W810 Iridum radiobuoy
WamBlee W810 Iridum radiobuoy

WamBlee, present at the Amsterdam METSTRADE 2016, will exhibit its W810 Iridum radiobuoy.


W810 is a radio beacon working through Iridium1 satellite coverage to ensure signalling and remote localization of objects or substances abandoned in the sea. By sending out a message at (programmable) time intervals, it is possible to determine, via an electronic messaging system, object location, time of detection, battery charge state and water surface temperature. Additionally, a flash light indicator (which can be activated continuously or via a message sent through Iridium1) enables drifting objects to be easily located also at night-time or under poor visibility conditions.

Information is transmitted in an encrypted format and can only by decrypted by the radio beacon owner or our own message management system based on client/server solution. The high-capacity battery pack and consumption optimisation efforts ensure a prolonged working time - with the W810 radio beacon able to operate for over 30 days.

Furthermore for all the professional operators who work at sea, WamBlee will exhibit two more important novelties: the W880 and W830, a new longline radio buoy and its HF receiver.

The W880 is a radio buoy designed to signal fishing systems lost or abandoned in the sea, e.g. longline or sealine. By sending out a message at time intervals, it is possible for the buoy to signal the position of longlines, the surface temperature and the battery charge status. The buoy is activated by contact with water and is able to operate for up to 10 days. It is active in the HF band and its messages are transmitted in an encrypted format in order to prevent illegal interception.

The W830 is a receiver system for professional radio buoys W880. The W830 is able to receive  radio signals transmitted by the W880 series and to process them in a readable format, through the special software provided. It is able to connect to your personal computer via USB port and the received information can be linked to your to your chartplotter software in order to view the longline position and functioning situation directly on the navigation chart.

WamBlee W880 and W830 are completely designed and produced in Italy and they combine characteristics of technology, quality and reliability, all essential when it comes to professional maritime activities.

Visit WamBlee at Mets booth 05.123 Hall 5

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