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Videoworks MyInfo 3.0: the whole yacht in your hand, with the smart TV

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Videoworks MyInfo 3.0: the whole yacht in your hand, with the smart TV
Videoworks MyInfo 3.0: the whole yacht in your hand, with the smart TV

Everything on board is under control thanks to MyInfo 3.0 - the App developed by Videoworks - which, with the smart TV and its remote control, allows you to view and control numerous on-board services, from video to navigation 


•    Videoworks unveils the highly anticipated MyInfo 3.0, the fully integrated entertainment-info-domotic system 
•    Using the six navigation buttons on the smart TV, all “Experiences” can be selected simply and intuitively: from video and audio streaming to web radio, from satellite content to home automation
•    For yacht owners, a very simple platform that turns the smart TV into a veritable mine of multimedia content and information
•    Inclusion, accounting and control of the main well know streaming and digital services, for the users to keep using on board as at home
•    Simplification of on-board systems engineering 

Videoworks, a leader in the Audio/Visual, Entertainment, IT and Lighting & Comfort sector, has always been committed to developing integrated systems that simplify life on board and allow owners and their guests to enjoy the many services available in the simplest and most immediate way. In the pursuit of this objective, three years ago the company launched MyInfo, a fully integrated entertainment-info-domotic system. Through a software programme with a graphic interface developed by Videoworks, it can carry out a number of functions and display all information via a number of devices. Today Videoworks is presenting MyInfo 3.0, a new App which, while maintaining the basic philosophy of its predecessor, is actually a totally new platform.

The objective of Videoworks is to simplify access to the many services and video and audio content on board, with the precise aim of anticipating market demands and responding more effectively to the needs of yacht owners, who require control systems and the use of different interfaces to be simpler and reduced as much as possible. And what could be simpler than controlling everything with the smart TV remote control, specifically with the six navigation buttons, which the increasing use of streaming platforms has made commonplace? MyInfo 3.0 is inspired by the interfaces of the most popular streaming networks. The remote control also has the advantage that while typing, compared to a tablet or smartphone, it allows users to look at the TV screen, for faster and more precise identification of the desired programme or information.

And let's not forget that on-board entertainment, info and domotic systems have always been a subject of debate for all shipyards, which have to deal with the demands of interior designers and yacht owners and with the engineering problems that the surplus of cables inevitably creates, such as the heating of many elements, which often requires an additional cooling system, which in turn inevitably generates noise and therefore the need for increased soundproofing.

What are the contents offered by MyInfo 3.0, which Videoworks has identified with the term "Experiences"? Here is a short list: 
•    Video streaming with on-board library of movies and other content
•    Audio streaming with on-board music album library
•    Web radio station
•    Link to Spotify
•    CCTV configured for each individual user, so the owner can have access to all content, guests only to predefined content
•    Satellite content transmitter, one to 20 satellite channels all available on a central rack
•    Navigation data directly from the bridge: the whole yacht in real time transformed into easy-to-read graphs
•    Home automation control (MyInfo 3.0 is closely linked to the on-board home automation platform) to control macro scenarios, such as switching on lights and electronic equipment
•    Staff call to reach the desired crew members
•    Captain Info to have a direct line to the yacht captain 

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