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The VDO Marine Sailing Kit, the new sailing kit made by Veratron

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Veratron Sailing Kit
Veratron Sailing Kit

Sailing season opening soon! Get ready with the VDO Marine Sailing Kit, the fundamental setting for your sailing boat from Veratron®.


The VDO Marine Sailing Kit made by veratron AG brings all the necessarytools for your sailing journeys. All you need is in one box 
 including wiring harness and terminators. All products are REACH, RoHS and NMEA 2000® compliant. The Sailing Kit provides the elementary yet essential set-up to make your sailing trips safe while having access to the all the necessary information.

The Sailing Kit consists of four veratron® produced devices, namely, one OceanLink™ GPS Speedometer, one wind sensor and two OceanLink™ Navigations, wind angle and wind speed. These products are a must have on a sailing boat and offer a high functionality and readability, thanks to the analogue displays. Easy to install, the Sailing Kit provides necessary data to assist you during your navigation.

The NMEA 2000® certified GPS Speedometer has embedded GPS receiver for speed and heading indications, avoiding the need of additional sensors on board.
It also serves for calculation of true wind data in combination with the navigation wind gauges featuring infrared push button for a fast switch from apparent to true wind. The VDO Marine Sailing Kit made by veratron® is low-power consuming and lead-free for our planet’s well-being.

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