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BlueDome, the shipborne anti-piracy system

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Blue dome anti piracy system
Blue dome anti piracy system

Developed by Safran Electronic & Defense, BlueDome is an automatic and modular system that permanently self protects crews, goods and ships against piracy and theft.


It is a non-lethal solution with a comprehensive and graduated response, and it also protects crew members preventing them to be exposed to danger.

BlueDome key features are an automated remote control of sensors and effectors from a secure area, a complete decision-aid system and an user-friendly touch-screen interface.

BlueDome protects your yacht throughout automatic detection of aggressive behavior, deterrence against attackers, implementation of non-lethal anti-handling solutions and protection of crew and ship.

The automatic detection of possible threats uses a long-range radar that allows to analyze the behavior of possible assailants. Once that attackers are detected, BlueDome continuosly keeps tracking the assailants, through infrared cameras all around the yacht, and dissuades them from approaching the ship by using anti-boarding actions such as remote-controlled active and close responses including a powerful water cannon system.

All the operations can be managed remotely from a secure area with the “Command & Control System” based on a user-friendly touch-screen interface that displays threat situation awareness at any moment, provides remote control of all sensors and effectors, features decision aid functions for threat assessment and response plan.

Bluedome provides a “Command Deck Protection” too, with armored command deck, crew localization, and ballistic and anti-RPG protection of vulnerable areas.

In addition to this, powerful biometric management and accessiores can be used such as vessel access control (frictionless biometric access: 4 fingers), control access (in/out) to avoid stowaways, real time handheld identification, long-range infrared binoculars.

Bluedome is as well suited to a container ship as to an oil tanker, but also to a yacht, especially for long voyages.

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