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Vigy Observer, naval daylight stabilized observation system

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Safran Vigy Observer
Safran Vigy Observer

Compact and lightweight, Vigy Observer is a fully panoramic stabilized observation system which is easy to install and to start-up on any type of vessel from OPV to RIBs. Its key features are:


Essential for a ship's self-protection and for providing a body of evidence

Intended to be the primary obtronic system aboard interceptors or fast patrol boats, Vigy observer provides a full day-light all weather surveillance capability.

Multi-configuration payloads

Made up of a stabilized head, a miniaturized electronic unit and a user-friendly remote command and control, Vigy Observer is a versatile platform with a modular payload. The payload includes a cooled mid-wavelenght infrared (MWIR) imager, a color TV camera, a laser range finder and an automatic video tracking capabilities.
Through a standard NMEA interface, Vigy Observer can also be slaved to the radar target tracks for tracking purposes.

Enhanced navigation and situation awareness in hot and humid environments

When operations need to be carried out in reduced visibility, in the dark and in rough weather conditions, the Navy, the Customs, Coast Guards and Police forces can benefit from a powerful thermal imaging solution for preventing illegal activities with complete discretion. The thermal imager is a passive technology that is invulnerable to jamming or camouflage, and is undetectable. Detection capability is enhanced by merging color TV and thermal channels with an additional option for automatic detection capability with alarm management.

Easy to install and to deploy

Thanks to its lightweight and modular concept, Vigy Observer is easy to install and to move from one vessel to another without specific tools or calibration requirements. Its design stands up to harsh naval environments offering proven high reliability with a very low maintenance requirement, even its cooled thermal version.

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