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Mase Generators presents new products at the 2019 Venice Yacht Show

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Mase Generators at Venezia Yacht Show
Mase Generators at Venezia Yacht Show

On the occasion of the 2019 Venice Boat Show, Mase Generators presents a world preview of new products and new systems that confirm the incessant development of the "New Era".


The company is carrying out an important renewal of its range of generators and has started the development of new systems for the production and use of energy on board on pleasure and professional boats, both for powering electric utilities and for propulsion with electric engines.
The use of new technologies has made it possible to create systems capable of reducing consumption and environmental impact, as well as reducing costs.

Many new products have been introduced, from latest-generation variable speed generators, to generators with new engines to comply with the most restrictive emission standards, from groups of lithium batteries with special charging systems to minimize the duration of use of generators, to integrated diesel electric propulsion systems developed with important partners, including Volvo and Siemens, for passengers transport in Venice.

The Mariner and IS (Intercooler System) range has been updated with the new Stage V engines to drastically reduce polluting emissions. The known qualities and performances of the generators of both ranges remain unchanged, used on boats throughout the world for many years.

The new VS - Variable Speed series launched last year expands with the VS 15.5 model from 15 kW at 50 or 60 Hz complying with the EPA Tier 4 emission standards. As it is known, these generators allow the boats to be more technological and more respectful of the environment because the engine revs variation depends on the load; this results in lower consumption and noise, as well as greater comfort and the possibility of placing more generators on board, even distant, but always interconnected.

The new Mase Mild Hybrid is a system composed of special Super Chargers and lithium batteries capable of rapidly accumulating and carefully managing the energy on board to offer extended periods with the generators turned off, for greater comfort and to eliminate any emissions during stop in particular areas. The new Super Charger range for lithium batteries consists of three models 48 - 220 - 400 Volt with maximum charge currents of respectively 150 - 40 - 20 Ampere.

In addition, Mase Generators, in partnership with Huracan Power, presents the Venice Boat Show 2019 integrated diesel electric propulsion systems of various types for small and medium-sized boats. The systems consist of inboard and outboard electric motors from 10 to 40 kW of power, water-cooled inverter, instrumental control panel, control levers, lithium batteries, fast charger and variable speed generator range extender system. The latter ensures that the batteries are kept at optimum levels by limiting the acceleration consumption peaks and thus drastically reducing consumption and emissions. The use of the diesel engine is not continuous, but functional to the charge of the accumulators. In Full Electric mode the system has zero emissions and allows silent navigation and access to protected areas.

In the end, in Venice, a boat of about six meters in length equipped with a 30-horsepower Huracan Power electric motor and a Mase generator will be displayed.

Today, more than ever, Mase Generators is looking for new products and technologies for the production of energy on board and for the propulsion of boats and this important challenge is only at the beginning.

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