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Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers at the METSTRADE 2016

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Gianneschi BMA-M macerator pump
Gianneschi BMA-M macerator pump

Since 1969 Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers has been a name seen in the marine market all over the world.


Designed and manufactured in Italy, the company’s range of pumps, water pressure systems, blowers, water heaters, engine pumps, compressors and AC -DC motors are found on pleasure, merchant and military  vessels.

Gianneschi can cover all ranges of pumps and ventilation systems for all types of vessels,  is fully a Megayachts supplier with his range of products and specifically has developed Gigetta, Control Pump, Control Fan and specific products for OEM like air conditioning, water treatment and cooling pumps.

Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers has renewed Gigetta – self priming pump-

Gigetta heart is made of two stage with dual impellers system, this allows to combine the centrifugal impeller characteristics, as high dynamic fluid efficiency, with a special helical impeller profile, designed for a quick priming.  All several components, realized with an impressive level of precision, are made in high quality bronze and s/ steel ensuring the best resistance against corrosion; recently the company has renewed the body pump to increase performance and range.

The BMA series is also a self-priming pump available in different versions that offer a large range of applications for different uses. The BMA-S provides a large flow of water with limited power needed, it  is suitable for bilge, fire fighting, ballast, fresh water washing and circulation applications.

The BMA-M is best suited as a macerator pump as it is manufactured with an integrated grinder. The special centrifugal impeller combined with a cutting unit, make it optimal for use with discharge water containing fibrous material. The fragmentation into small parts and the good pressure, allow handling fluid in small diameter pipes. Completely made in the finest materials such as bronze and stainless steel AISI 630, provides exceptional strength and excellent wear and corrosion resistance typical of the marine environment

The BMA-G is centrifugal self-priming pump with integrated anti-clogging system designed for discharge water handling. Whole made in bronze that, provides exceptional strength and excellent wear and corrosion resistance typically required in marine environment. Ideal for slightly loaded/grey water and like waste/sewage after treatment pump where suspended parts are present.

The CB 22 is centrifugal type with open impeller designed for quiet operating with low power consumption. 

Gianneschi has also developed Control Pump system, it’s a pump groups composed of two or more pumps working in parallel, controlled by an automatic system. Depending on water consumption, one or more pumps are controlled at variable speed, in order to guarantee the required water flow at the set pressure. The “Control Pump” system is made with horizontal or vertical multistage self-priming el/pumps. Suitable for system and every application which needs constant pressure from a variable water flow.

All products manufactured are tested individually and only after strict controls are delivered to the customer. Each product is associated with a specific serial number that allows in every moment to figure out all components used in the production stages as well as any spare parts.

Gianneschi also offers a range of blowers to use on Megayachts.

The ELL Helicoidal Blowers are designed to obtain large quantities of airflow at low pressures. The blowers can be installed horizontally or vertically, thus providing greater operational flexibility. All blowers are reversible however they do operate optimally when used in their preferential direction. Furthermore can provide variable pitch blades in order to meet customer needs.

All ventilation kit can be optimized with Control Fan system for variable speed control, it is available in either manual or automatic rpm control modes.

To complete the portfolio of ventilation systems, Gianneschi delivers a large range of stainless steel  homologated fire dampers A0-A60 fire class with med classification.

Concluding the product range, the company has offered Gianneschi Service for more than a decade now performing repairs and giving technical assistance in addition to giving product and administrative assistance.

Visit Gianneschi at Mets booth 01.771

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