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Furuno triumphs at NMEA conference by winning coveted “NMEA Technology Award” for nxt radar

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Furuno alla NMEA Conference 2016
Furuno alla NMEA Conference 2016

The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) held its 45th annual conference and expo in Naples, Florida last week. In addition to four days filled with marine electronics training and exhibiting the latest products, the show is a platform for the association to bestow their exclusive NMEA “Product of Excellence” awards. This year, Furuno proudly claimed a total of three awards, most notably the highly sought-after 2016 NMEA Technology Award for their new NXT Solid-State Doppler Radar.


“We’re extremely pleased the NMEA judges understood and appreciated that the NXT Radar fully embodies the true spirit of the ‘NMEA Technology Award’,” stated Brad Reents, President and CFO of Furuno USA. “It not only incorporates cutting-edge technology, but it leverages that technology to present a Radar display that is extremely easy and intuitive for even the most novice of navigators to view and understand in their quest to improve situational awareness and remain safe.”

Though many innovative features of the new NXT Radar contributed to it winning the NMEA Technology Award, one of the game changing features is Target AnalyzerTM. This function instantly identifies targets approaching your vessel that are a potential threat, and dynamically changes the target’s color from green to red. This makes it extremely easy to monitor the target’s course and allows you to avoid a collision.

Furuno’s ongoing commitment to developing its Radar technology was made very evident when the NXT Radar also captured the Product of Excellence Award for Radar, which was their 41st consecutive victory in that category. The DRS4D-NXT is the next step in the evolution of Radar, making it more accessible and understandable for novice and expert users.

A new “Commercial Product of Excellence” category was added to this year’s list of awards, and Furuno completed its NMEA “Trifecta” as their FAR2117 IMO Radar was named the inaugural winner in this new Commercial category, among a substantial field of 12 nominees. This workhorse Radar, which is part of a larger series that includes both X-Band and S-Band Radars, can be found installed on thousands of commercial vessels worldwide and is also widely used on larger recreational boats and yachts.

Furuno’s long and distinguished tradition of producing top performing and highly reliable products was clearly reaffirmed at this year’s event, as they took home three more NMEA awards. For those of you keeping score at home, that brings Furuno’s grand total to a record-breaking 218 NMEA awards!

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