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F.lli Razeto e Casareto introduces the new Nauta handles range

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F.lli Razeto e Casareto - Nauta range - Q-Slam
F.lli Razeto e Casareto - Nauta range - Q-Slam

F.lli Razeto e Casareto SpA is a leading specialist designer and manufacturer of locks and handles for yachts and ships of all kinds: cruise ships, cargo vessels, military vessels, leisure boats, yachts and superyachts. Throughout its career, the company has stuck fast to its core values and fosters a tradition centring around the artisanal Italian culture of adapting production to all and any specific client requests. It has also, however, embraced the contemporary, cleverly innovating and reinterpreting its own almost-century long history. It is staffed by a team of entrepreneurs who adore their work and are flanked by skilled managers and technicians. All have turned their passion for design and craftsmanship into an added value, the very thing that sets their products apart. This passion also gives them the courage to tackle new challenges and innovate, ensuring F.lli Razeto e Casareto SpA products are always one step ahead of the times and trends.


Thanks to the fact that the entire design and production cycle is completed in-house at the company, F.lli Razeto e Casareto products deliver consistently superior performance, guaranteeing effortlessly reliable efficiency and impressive durability despite the hostile marine environment. This applies to every single item in the company catalogue, whether said products are designed for exterior use on professional vessels operating in extreme conditions and situations, such as tugs and military ships or interiors of the likes of sumptuously luxurious megayacht staterooms. In the latter instance, the F.lli Razeto e Casareto door handles are luxe accessories in their own right that raise the whole concept of exclusive décor to new heights.

A case in point is the Nauta range which was premiered at the last edition of the Genoa International Boat Show, and instantly won a slew of international admirers as also attested by the interest elicited at last November’s METS 2016. This range spans eight models which, from a technical perspective, are unusually slender at a mere 13 mm thick. This is an impressive space-saving feature and means the handles are suitable for an exceptionally broad range of applications. All are made from stainless steel with five designed for regular doors and three for sliding doors. The regular door models Q-Slam, Q-Sandwich and C-Slam comprise a single lockset and handles, while the Q-Rim e Q-Slam Block models also include a bolt.

The sliding door models are the Q-Sliding, C-Sliding and Flush-Sliding, with the latter also featuring a bolt.

These are all linear designer handles that effortlessly marry sleek forms with impeccable function because they were developed by drawing on the company’s vast wealth of knowledge which ensures that all F.lli Razeto e Casareto products are mechanically perfect.

The F.lli Razeto e Casareto Nautical Line is just one component in a vast, well-structured range showcased in a catalogue spanning over 500 products developed by the company over the years. A kaleidoscopic array designed not only meet but exceed the demands of even the most prestigious ship and yacht builders and, of course, the leading naval architects and yacht designers, all of whom are keen to source absolutely reliable handle and locking systems in step with rapidly evolving tastes and trends.

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