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Esthec Sensor Deck: a world of possibilities

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Esthec Sensor Deck:
Esthec Sensor Deck:

In September 2016 Esthec® introduced Esthec® Sensor Deck, a unique decking material that detects every motion on board. Since then the number of applications for this revolutionary innovation has grown. In fact, the possibilities with regard to design, safety and energy purposes are limitless. Esthec® Sensor Deck extends the freedom of design, can function as an alarm system and also helps shipowners to save energy on board. Esthec® has developed this revolutionary innovation in close partnership with Sencorables, a company that is known for its unique and patented sensing technology. Initial feedback on Esthec® Sensor Deck from the maritime industry is overwhelmingly positive.


With Esthec® Sensor Deck for the first time in the world sensing technology is used on board to detect motion. This groundbreaking solution opens up a world of possibilities. For instance, Esthec® Sensor Deck can help shipowners to save energy. Because on board movements are immediately noticed everything, from air conditioning to cabin lighting and heating, can be controlled by stepping on or off the deck. Saving energy is as easy as that. 

Freedom of design
Esthec® Sensor Deck also offers completely new ways of lightening up the deck. One can create patterns, but also apply symbols and texts onto the deck, providing a unique decking. Esthec® Sensor Deck thus extends the freedom of design for shipbuilders, designers.

The decking material increases on board convenience in dark conditions. By stepping on board, the sensor in Esthec® Sensor Deck is activated. This can result in turning on the light, which is created into the deck. The decking material can light up with every step or can be used as a guide that shows the route on board. 

Alert message
The sensing technology detects presence, movement and direction of people, resulting in more safety on board. When a visit is signalled by the sensing technology, shipowners can receive an alert message on their smartphone or other device. By lighting up, Esthec® Sensor Deck also makes every movement of unwelcome guests immediately visible, thus functioning as an alarm system.

Esthec® Sensor Deck is an in-house development of Esthec® that has its own laboratory and research & development team. To develop the sensing technology for the maritime sector Esthec® worked together with Sencorables LLC, a company known for its unique and patented sensing technology.

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