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CMC Marine at the Monaco Yacht Show 2017

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CMC Marine SR – Short Range System
CMC Marine SR – Short Range System

CMC Marine will present at the Monaco Yacht Show 2017 the new range of stabilizing and control systems:



The SR Short Range System is based on the experience with the Stabilis Electra System, with the intent to transfer our technology on boats under 20 metres. Resulting from a profound innovation, the system joins the state-of-the-art electric engine Brushless Torque (available in three sizes) to a gear box. Characterized by a unique design, the new system ensures the maximum compactness, reduced weights, a low energy consumption and a simplified installation. This system can also be powered at 24V DC.


The new HS System is born from an evolution of the SE Stabilis Electra System, optimised for planing boats that can reach over 24 knots. The system proposes several novelties compared to the previous range, among which: an optimized profile of the blades, which guarantees better performance further reducing the resistance, the use of new electronics for reduced encumbrance and higher performance, which allows to control different surfaces (helm or intruder) together with the stabilizing fins.


The new LR System is designed to be installed on board displacement or semi-displacement boats. This new products present remarkable benefits: more compact actuators with the same power of the equivalent SE system, higher performances, a new blades’ geometry designed for displacement boats, the possibility to install blades up to 5 sqm and new electronics with the possibility to integrate – and control – 8 control surfaces (two pairs of blades, helms, etc.). CMC Marine also considered the addition of inertial detectors that allow to analyse the movements of Roll, Pitch and Yaw, in order to permit the control of the platforms.

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