Besenzoni: the Be Electric range grows, The Tender Lift becomes Green

Besenzoni: the Be Electric range grows, The Tender Lift becomes Green

Besenzoni: Be Electric range grows, the Tender Lift becomes Green


17/12/2021 - 10:19

Introducing the new electrically-powered tender lift, the latest addition in the Be Electric series, the innovative range developed by a company that has for the last 55 years expanded its range of nautical products thanks to a business mindset which has enabled it to constantly renew without sacrificing the quality of craftsmanship on which it built its original reputation.

On the 16thof December, Besenzoni introduced the new electrically-powered Il Tender Lift, the latest technological product in Besenzoni’s Be Electric range. On the same day, the Sarnico-based company also opened its doors to the international press to introduce its new range as well as all the products and innovations developed over 55 years working for the nautical and boating sector.  

The new range of electrically-powered components, launched in December 2020 – of which La Passarella (gangway), LaScala (ladder) and Il Salp Ancora (windlass) are already in production – is now complete with the addition of Il Tender Lift, intended for handling all the operations required for tender and jet ski hauling and launching, enabling the crew to have maximum control in this technical phase which can be handled by a single operator.

Il Tender Lift is the result of Besenzoni’s commitment to simplifying and making boating more eco-friendly by introducing key components which use a simple electrical system developed and enhanced with new stylish and technological features.

The device in its initial version can lift a maximum of 850 kg including the weight of the platform, but the production foresees other versions with a lifting capacity of between 400 and 1200 kg as well as custom-made solutions. One off products represent yet another triumph for a company which has made its ability to perfectly adapt to both boat owner and boatyard requirements a key aspect of its business. 

The fullyelectrically-powered products in Besenzoni's Be Electric range bring numerous advantages both to the boats on which they are mounted and to the environment.  Firstly, the absence of a hydraulic power pack or oil makes the systems quieter and the boats lighter. The weight reduction results in a number of “savings”: on the weight carried on board, and on installation time and maintenance costs. To this we can add an automatic reduction in fuel consumption, thereby reducing the impact on the marine environment. Energy consumption on board is also reduced, as there is no need for an engine which uses hydraulic power. Energy itself is optimised, since it uses a low-powered electronic system which requires less electricity, thereby avoiding excessive stress on the system or on the vessel: the system uses 24Vdc.  

Besenzoni: the Be Electric range grows, The Tender Lift becomes Green
Besenzoni: the Be Electric range grows, The Tender Lift becomes Green

Giorgio Besenzoni, CEO of Besenzoni SpA, stated that “Alongside traditional production, which is still our core business, we are keen to take significant steps towards designing and developing more environmentally-friendly products, because we believe that the topic of sustainability is of vital importance in today's world. For this reason, for many years and in different ways we have endeavoured to operate in a socially responsible manner, not only with regard to the development of new products but also with regard to our business processes. We are committed to using resources responsibly, thereby keeping our impact on the environment to a minimum. From simply yet drastically reducing the use of paper in our offices, to choosing to completely rethink our packaging materials, which have been replaced by more sustainable and equally valid alternative products, we continue to manage the company and manufacture our products in an ever more environmentally-friendly way. We have upgraded and replaced our equipment with new more environmentally-friendly solutions such as the use of new hydraulic cutting equipment which does not require mineral oil but instead uses electric pumps to avoid pollution or oil leaks”. 

With this in mind, Besenzoni is also developing solutions for a more efficient management of the heating of workplaces through the study of a geothermal well and, in conjunction with the RegioneLombardia, a way to re-use the heat generated by the furnace used for painting by recycling it in order to provide heating for the different departments.
“The most concrete way to make significant progress in achieving truly sustainable approaches requires liaising and working closely with institutions but above all requires each and everyone of us to play our part in working together towards a key objective such as protecting the environment and its resources.”

Besenzoni: the Be Electric range grows, The Tender Lift becomes Green
Besenzoni: the Be Electric range grows, The Tender Lift becomes Green


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