Besenzoni launches the BeElectric

Besenzoni launches the BeElectric division of low environmental


27/05/2021 - 14:35

After making its debut with LaPasserella, Besenzoni's new division of low environmental impact electrical products is consolidated with LaScala Elettrica, adding to the Sarnico-based company's production line-up with a view to an increasingly eco-friendly boating industry.

Besenzoni was the first company in the nautical components sector to produce a series of fully electrically driven products. It has increasingly focused its manufacturing philosophy on eco-friendly products, and has created a specific production division under the BeElectric brand. Respect for the planet and for future generations is also becoming an essential requirement for the entire marine industry. This is why Besenzoni is now committing its extensive know-how to reducing the impact of its products on the marine environment, while never straying from the style that has made the brand famous for over 50 years.

The new range of components - which already includes LaPasserella and LaScala Elettrica, the latter presented for the first time at the Venice Boat Show from 29 May to 6 June - will make use of a truly simple electrical system, developed featuring new eco-friendly technology.

The total electric power supply that characterises these Besenzoni products brings numerous advantages both to the boats on which they are mounted and to the environment. Firstly, the absence of a hydraulic power pack makes the systems quieter and the boats lighter. The result is a fundamentally unique quality: less impact on the marine environment generated by automatic fuel reduction and reduced energy consumption on board.

The eco-compatible goal of the BeElectric range is a key element for the product look and style. For both LaPasserella and LaScala customers can opt for a platform made from an innovative high-performance synthetic material, created using only the highest quality virgin PVC. This means that the product is 100% "Green Ecological". Maintenance is reduced to zero, since there is no need for treatments using special products: standard wood polishing or oiling isn’t necessary - simply brush down with soapy water. It is also stain-resistant, hard-wearing and impervious to the effects of sunlight or sea water, as well as having a non-slip surface, in both wet and dry conditions.

The new BeElectric series - which will be enriched with other products and will run in parallel with Besenzoni's traditional production - highlights the company's ongoing commitment to improving and developing its expertise in products and manufacturing processes that have an ever-decreasing impact on the environment.

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